Coleen Nolan shares guilt over putting her mother in a care home: 'It was heartbreaking'

The Loose Women panellist's mother suffered from Alzheimer's

Coleen Nolan has opened up about the guilt she felt after putting her late mother Maureen into a care home. Speaking with her fellow Loose Women panellists on Wednesday's show about dementia, the 52-year-old recounted her mother's battle with Alzheimer's disease. She told the audience: "It was the most heartbreaking decision for us and we took a lot of advice from professional healthcare people, who said, 'Your mum needs 24-hour care - and none of you are equipped to do that'." 

Coleen Nolan opened up about the guilt she felt after putting her mother into a care home

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Elaborating further, she added: "We did put her in a home - and it was awful because the majority of people are lovely and you're doing the right thing... but you also had people going, 'What? She's got eight kids and none of you can look after her?' And we did have a problem with the money situation... we didn't have any money, it ran out – and there was so much on top of all the stress, this beautiful person you've loved all your life turning into somebody that just doesn't know you anymore." Maureen died age 81 after a long battle against Alzheimer's in 2008. Coleen previously detailed her mother's fight with the disease. She explained to Daily Mirror: "Her mind has deteriorated so much that she is barely recognisable as the woman I grew up adoring. I can't stand to see her like this, she has no quality of life."

Coleen Nolan recently revealed sister Linda Nolan's cancer has returned

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Meanwhile, in March, it was revealed that Coleen's sister Linda Nolan has been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. Linda had previously been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and had been free of the disease for the last six years. The singer’s recent diagnosis came after she fell over and a scan revealed a cyst on her hip. When Coleen revealed the news on Loose Women, she said: "This is so hard. It's difficult to know where to start. They found secondary cancer in Linda. They found a cyst attached to where the break was and it was earth-shattering for us initially. She added: "The positive thing is, although they've said it's not curable, it is treatable and it hasn't spread anywhere else. So that's the positive attitude she wants me to get across."