Jacqueline Wilson gives candid insight into former marriage

The author is famed for writing The Story of Tracy Beaker, Double Act and Dustbin Baby

She is one of Britain's most beloved children's authors, who in her stories has depicted issues which relate to real kids' and their lives. And in a new interview with the Telegraph, 71-year-old Jacqueline Wilson – who usually leads a private life – has opened up about the difficulties of her former marriage. She confessed: "My marriage was OK, but my ex-husband and I didn't have an enormous amount in common." Jackie married Millar Wilson in 1965 when she was just 19, the pair welcomed their daughter Emma two years later.

Jacqueline Wilson has given fans a candid insight into former marriage

The former couple ended their relationship in 2004. Despite the separation, both Jackie and Millar have remained on good terms. She added: "For many years I stuck it out because that is what you did. Although in actual fact, my husband eventually left me. We’re still relatively friendly and the last 20 years since we’ve been separated have been wonderful."

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The writer claimed that her parents' unhappy marriage caused her to want a "peaceful" marriage. "My parents didn't get on, they rowed a lot, but in those days you stuck together even if you didn't have much in common," she explained, later adding: "I always hoped I'd have a lovely peaceful marriage because my parents didn't, but perhaps that made me too determined."

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In a previous interview, Jackie discussed the close bond she has with her daughter, who is also an author. She told the Guardian: "Emma is the love of my life. I adore her. I've been so lucky. We've always been close and now she's grown up we're still great friends. I had Emma when I was very young." She continued: "We chat on the phone every day now and recommend books to each other and meet whenever we can go shopping and see an exhibition."