Waterloo Road actress Holly Matthews shares heartbreak over terminally ill husband

British television actress Holly Matthews has revealed her 32-year-old husband is spending his final days in a hospice. Taking to her Facebook page on Thursday, the former Byker Grove and Casualty actress shared the heartbreaking news with her followers. "Nearly a month on, living in @mytonhospices and my amazing husband is still holding on," she explained. "Of course he's now in a deep sleep, not eating, drinking, or conscious of his surroundings, but his strong body is fighting for him and sadly at this stage it is kind of working against him."


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Holly's husband Ross Blair was diagnosed with a rare aggressive malignant brain tumour in 2014. At the time he was given a 50-50 chance of surviving five years before undergoing brain surgery and chemotherapy. The TV star added: "He's comfortable and looks peaceful and we have all accepted that he will go, when he goes and we have no control over that. We were warned this bit can be prolonged and hard on the family and I have felt that, at times over the last week."


Holly, 32, went on to praise Myton Hospice for all their help and support over the past few weeks. "I've cried a whole heap this week, but I feel better for it and today and yesterday have focused my mind on calm and being productive," she shared. "The hospice is a very calming and protected space, I haven't left for over a week and even then it was only for an hour. I am cocooned in here and I know the harder place will be when I'm out in the 'real world' where people dare to continue on with their lives, as if nothing has happened (how dare they, hey?!) and I have to move forward." 

"The support behind me is incredible and I feel every kind gesture and message," the star continued. "My beautiful daughters are doing great and I love them so much." Holly has also been posting various video blogs on her YouTube channel, giving her followers updates into her life with her husband. The couple are proud parents to two daughters, Brooke, six, and Texas, four. 

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