Emma Bunton talks taking a trip to a tattoo parlour while tipsy – read the details!

Emma Bunton has enjoyed a summer of new tattoos!

Emma Bunton opened up about a memorable night with her husband, Jade Jones, where the pair got a little tipsy and ended up getting couple's tattoos! Chatting on the Late, Late Show with James Corden, the former Spice Girls band member revealed that she has had three tattoos done in the last few months.

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Emma Bunton's Had the Summer of Tattoos by thelatelateshowcbs

Emma said: "I'm working here on Boyband but it's also my summer holidays - this is my break - so I'm trying to mix both and it's not working too well! So I went out with a few friends last night. It was good fun but I have a hangover today. I had a few drinks and I ended up at a tattoo parlour." Laughing, she added: "It's something I keep doing! This is the third time this summer that I've had a tattoo!"

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Emma joined the Late Late Show with James Corden

After James asked her about her inkings so far, she explained: "I've had my children's names on my wrist and last night Jade and I… we love each other dearly and we were tipsy so I went and got, 'J' on my finger and he got an 'E'." The star has previously shared snaps of her tattoos on Instagram. Back in July, Emma posted a photo of herself in a tattoo parlour, writing: "2am in the morning, new tattoo face!! Excited LA." While on the show, James also opened up about his inkings, revealing that he has a Japanese symbol on his leg. "I have a Japanese symbol here which means 'tattoo' in Japanese," he said. "I got it when I was 17 but I'm not particularly fond of it and I'm glad I don't have to see it all the time."