Nick Jonas reveals father Kevin Sr. has overcome his battle with cancer: 'All is good'

Kevin Sr. was diagnosed with colon cancer five months ago

The father of the Jonas Brothers has overcome his battle with cancer, his son Nick Jonas has revealed. Speaking on iHeartRadio's Label Defiers podcast on Sunday, the American pop star revealed that his dad is now in the "all clear". He shared: "He's cancer-free now, or on the tail end of it. All is good." Kevin, who is a proud father to four sons - Kevin, Joe, Nick and Frankie - all of whom he shares with wife Denise Miller-Jonas, told fans in June that he was battling colon cancer.

Jonas Brothers' father Kevin has overcome his battle with cancer

STORY: Jonas Brothers' father Kevin reveals he has cancer

Talking about how everyone came together as a family during surgery, Nick added: "Being here with him when he went in to have his tumour removed was a really special thing and really important. I had a lot of things on my schedule, but I said, 'I'm going to be here with you and walk through this with you and the family.'" He continued: "It was a moment of pride for all of us to say, 'Alright, all that we been through, with the brothers, and Dad being a manager at one time,' to be able to be there with him, be a unit as a family, is something I think, we should be really proud of."

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Earlier this year, Kevin Sr. praised his sons for their support as he opened up about his diagnosis, which he discovered in March. Recalling the moment he told his children, the 52-year-old told NBC Charlotte's Michelle Boudin: "They were shaken. Frankie came home from school, Nick came from L.A., Joe flew directly from Japan... They cancelled their schedules, moved important things." Kevin revealed that he was treated at a hospital in New York, adding: "They stayed with us [for the] last meal before surgery. They walked me into Sloan Kettering, which created a little bit of a stir."

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He then went on to credit the musicians for growing up in the spotlight. The father-of-four continued: "They really did have a meteoric rise. It was quick and overnight… We watched them grow up and I think it's like all parents, you see your kids grow up and if they become good people, you're proud."