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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt reveal the extremes they would go to as parents

The couple spoke to HELLO! at the premiere of their new film A Quiet Place

Alexandra Hurtado

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt took their marriage to the big screen for their upcoming thriller, A Quiet Place. The Office alum, who directed, produced and starred alongside his wife in the film, spoke to HELLO! at the film's NYC premiere on Monday, 2 April, admitting that the project was "immensely personal." He explained, "It certainly hit home for us, we had just had our second daughter [Violet] three weeks before I read the first script, so it's been an immensely personal movie." Emily echoed her husband's sentiments telling HELLO!, "I think we have a lot to draw from personally and being parents together and what we both feel about our own children."


John and Emily, in Oscar de la Renta, stepped out for the NYC premiere of their first film together on 2 April

Emily, who shares daughters Hazel, four, and Violet, one, with the actor, added: "I think inevitably it’s going to sort of translate to this film." The dad-of-two noted that his horror film — which sees a family living in silence to hide from creatures who hunt by sound — is a metaphor for parenthood. John explained, "It is! Yes absolutely. It's the reason why I did the movie. To me, this is just an allegory or metaphor for parenthood. It's about what would you really do for your kids. You know, what extremes would you go to, to protect them."

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The married pair play an on-screen couple in the thriller A Quiet Place Photo: WENN.com

A Quiet Place marks the first time that the couple, who tied the knot in 2010, has shared the screen together. "I've always known she's pretty amazing, but I think, it was actually [film director] Rob Marshall…that said not until you're in the room and she does what she does will you know why she's such an amazing actress and I just thought that's such a brilliant way to put it because that’s exactly what I learned," John raved of his wife. "I've always loved her performances, but when you see what she does in the moment you just can't believe that it's possible."

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Teaming up with her husband, 38, was an equally rewarding experience for Emily. "I think we grew," the actress, 35, said of her and John's relationship. "I think it's just exciting to discover that professional side to each other as well and to embrace it and accept it because it's a side you don't normally see. It was very special."

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