Shirley Ballas reveals she and boyfriend Danny Taylor are considering adopting

Shirley and Danny have been together for over a year now

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They've been a couple for over a year now, and it seems that Shirley Ballas and her boyfriend Danny Taylor are ready to take their relationship to the next level. The former professional dancer and Strictly Come Dancing head judge revealed that they have discussed the prospect of adopting a child.

WATCH: Shirley Ballas reveal her and boyfriend Danny are considering adoption

Speaking on Monday's Loose Women, the Latin and ballroom champ explained how important she considers it is to give a child in need a home. "We have spoken about that, we're just in the realms of talking about that [for] the last six months," she revealed, adding: "If we have a home we could give somebody a home and I think it's really quite important."

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shirley ballas and danny taylor at bst

Shirley and Danny met during a pantomime performance in 2018

The 59-year-old continued: "It doesn't matter who has the home, if you can give a home to a child who's been in care for such a long time, I think it's very important."

And it seems that the couple are considering adopting an older child according to Andrea McLean, who followed on from Shirley's comments. "And do you know what's lovely as well, to hear you considering an older child." The Loose Women panellist continued: "Because so often people just automatically go for the babies, but to think of giving love to an older child who's in need that's just wonderful," with Shirley replying "Thank you."

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Shirley has just finished a run of pantomime 

The head judge has had a testing time of late after she received a hateful hand-written letter at her place of work recently. Taking to Instagram, Shirley posted the letter with the caption: "Well I guess this will never end. Cowardly to just drop off at my place of work. All the judges on Strictly are there to do the best job we can. Enough is enough now. Positive vibes for 2020 please."

Addressing the letter on Loose Women, Shirley stated: "I just made a decision I thought you know I'm going to post this. Because most people say oh ignore it throw it in the trash, but what about the young people, what about the boys and girls that are bullied, what about the 9 and 10-year-olds that take their own life because they can't take it." She continued: "Danny was like, 'you're not going to the shops on your own' – because he knew three weeks before me about this note that had come to the theatre, they chose to tell him and not me in case I started to get paranoid – but then I was told and then I thought, it's important for the people out there [to know]."

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