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Winterwatch presenter Michaela Strachan on being cancer free after her brave battle with breast cancer

The TV presenter was diagnosed in 2014

Francesca Shillcock

The brand new series of Winterwatch returns on Tuesday evening and viewers will no doubt will be pleased to see the team back together. Michaela Strachan, Chris Packham, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams will be showcasing all the nature and wildlife that Northeast Scotland has to offer as they explore the Cairngorms National Park, the UK's largest, for series seven of the much-loved BBC programme.


Michaela bravely opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis in 2014

One of the show's presenters, Michaela Strachan, has a difficult few years after bravely facing breast cancer. The TV presenter went on to have a double mastectomy at the beginning of 2014 after receiving the diagnosis. Speaking to You magazine at the time, Michaela spoke of her emotion at being advised to have the operation. "The tears started to roll as my doctor tried to tell me what would happen next," she said. "But I only took in every fifth word or so. The one word that registered was 'cancer'."

She continued: "I couldn't get my head around the fact that on Monday morning I'd been apparently healthy, by Tuesday I had cancer, and by Wednesday I was talking about a double mastectomy." The 53-year-old mother-of-three, who also had reconstructive surgery, is now dedicated to encouraging other women to have routine check-ups and mammograms. "If I'd put mine off," she said. "My story could have been a very different one."

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Michaela is returning to Winterwatch this month

Thankfully, after a challenging few years, Michaela is now cancer and drug free. In 2019, she spoke to iN10 about her journey and how she even came off medication early. "I took myself off it because I wanted to start 2019 drug-free," she explained. "I think a lot of these figures, like five years, aren't definite and mentally I wanted to go into the year not taking Tamoxifen."

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She also assured: "I've had the six-monthly check-ups and the risk of something coming back is so low. Everyone can be unlucky and get a second bout of cancer that’s not connected, but the chance of my particular cancer coming back is very slim." We're so pleased that it was good news for Michaela, and we can't wait to see her back on Winterwatch!

Winterwatch returns on Tuesday at 8pm on BBC2

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