Judge Rinder looking at camera

Judge Rinder: A look into his tragic family history

Judge Rinder's ancestors were tragically killed during the Holocaust

Emmy Griffiths

Judge Rinder is currently presenting Judge Rinder's Crime Stories, which sees him look into true crime cases in Britain. In Wednesday's episode, the TV personality - whose full name is Robert Rinder - will examine the case of Rolandas Poskus, a man who was killed in Hull, and Amanda Playle, a woman stalked by an ex-boyfriend. However, Robert has his own history of tragedy, as he discovered more about his family's heartbreaking past on Who Do You Think You Are? back in 2018. In the episde, he found out that members of his family, including his grandfather's parents and five siblings, were tragically killed during the Holocaust.


Judge Rinder learned about his family's history

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant travelled to Piotrkow in Poland to trace his grandfather's family history. His grandfather, Morris, was sent to a concentration camp in Germany where he helped to make missiles for the army. Speaking about the shocking discovery, he said: "Just the most staggering thing of passing on a speeding train, your family gone and then you go back to your house and you're alone. It's impossible to fathom for my grandfather what that must have been like – to come back to nothing."

Judge Rinder looking at camera

Robert opened up about the revelations

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