Kind List

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

The couple recently donated £380,000 to an Australian bush fire charity

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were obviously missing live music as much as the rest of us during lockdown, as the latter performed a concert on Instagram in March with his wife as backing vocalist/dancer.

The pair have always been charitably-minded - at their wedding, they asked people to donate to the Sydney Children's Hospital rather than give them presents and Nicole has been a Unicef goodwill ambassador for many years.

She was even given a prestigious humanitarian award by her native country due to her advocacy of women and children's health.

"I believe in continuing to put love and kindness and compassion and art into the world" - Nicole.

And when their beloved Australia was in trouble recently, ravaged by wildfires, the couple donated £380,000 to the Rural Fire Services battling the blaze.

See the full Kind List here.

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