Kind List

Mary Portas

The retail consultant is encouraging shoppers to buy from 'kind' businesses

During the pandemic, Mary has been urging the public to back local retailers and small and medium-sized businesses.

Her new report, The Kindness Economy, has just been unveiled after six months in the making and analyses what is happening within consumer society.

Mary and her team have done a deep dive into how we live, buy and sell and is convinced that consumers are buying from 'kind' businesses that respect people and the environment.

"This new era, The Kindness Economy, is going to be about sentience. It's going to be about care, respect and understanding the implications of what we are doing. The businesses that can connect with people as people, not merely consumers, will start generating a whole new way of shopping." - Mary Portas

This Christmas, she's backing the 'Adopt a Shop' concept, whereby you choose a couple of shops to support, whether they're local, small or ethical, and pledge to spend with them to keep their business alive, instead of heading to an online giant retailer.

We could all do with taking a leaf out of Mary's book and following her new, kinder approach to shopping.

See the full Kind List here.

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