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Kind List 2021

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

They've been quietly backing over 30 different charities for decades

He isn't called Hollywood's Mr Nice Guy for no reason. Tom Hanks is one of the kindest A-Listers out there, alongside his wife Rita Wilson.

The couple have been quietly backing over 30 different charities for decades, whether that's attending events for the Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric AIDS Foundation (Tom won an Oscar for playing a character with AIDS in Philadelphia) or supporting the Women's Cancer Research Fund (Rita is a breast cancer survivor).

Other charities they are advocates for include the American Foundation for AIDS Research, AIDS Project Los Angeles, the Children's Health Fund, and Stand Up To Cancer.

Giving back and helping others is at the core of everything they do. After contracting and recovering from a COVID-19 infection early in the pandemic, Tom and Rita even thought to donate their blood antibodies for virus research.

The Forrest Gump actor even made one young boy's dream come true when he replied to his fan letter and gifted him with a typewriter. Corona De Vries, eight, from the Gold Coast, Australia wrote to Tom and Rita asking how they were after contracting coronavirus.

The youngster also said that he was being bullied by other children, who had started to make fun of his name and call him 'coronavirus'.

Tom sent a typed letter back and a 'corona' typewriter that he always travels with, penning: "Your letter made my wife and I feel so wonderful! You know, you are the only person I've ever known to have the name Corona – like the ring around the sun, a crown. I thought this typewriter would suit you. Ask a grown-up how it works. And use it to write me back."

In 2012, Tom was honoured with an Arts for Humanity Award for his charity work. In 2018, both he and Rita were presented with the USC Shoah Foundation's Ambassadors For Humanity award in recognition of their "long-standing commitment to humanitarian causes and support of veterans".

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