Sonos and Amazon Alexa have merged – and the result is exciting!

Discover the smart speaker system for those with their hands too full for music. In association with Currys PC World.

We are really, really excited about this. We’ve been enjoying the fun of Amazon Alexa for a while (and the fab hands-free voice access to everything from Google searches to weather forecasts which make life on the go so much easier). We’re also big fans of Sonos – the unrivalled music streaming speaker which enables you to have access to your favourite tunes at the highest quality, throughout the home.

And now – the two have merged. Welcome to Sonos One: a sleek Sonos speaker with an inbuilt Amazon Alexa, enabling you to have a totally bespoke soundtrack to your life, whatever you’re doing and however full your hands are.

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Wireless speakers with voice technology

So if you’re making tea for the kids and fancy a sing-along in the kitchen, thanks to the speech recognition feature you can just ask, and Alexa will oblige. Maybe you’re snuggled up in bed with your toddler when he or she demands one last lullaby – again. Just one quick request and Alexa is on hand to sort it – no need to go back into the other room for the remote control or dig out the iPod.

The Sonos One just needs WiFi to connect with the Amazon Alexa voice recognition service, which means not only can you have all the music you or anyone else in the family wants, you can also get all the other benefits of an Alexa device, from news reports to directions and everything in between. She’ll even tell you a joke (or 20… you might want to keep this functionality from the kids if you can!)

In fact, kids are guaranteed to love the Sonos One as much as you are. Alexa responds to any voice, so everyone in the household can take control of the music – meaning children can call out for their favourite sing-along songs, and guests can skip past any music on your playlist that the really don’t fancy hearing.

Whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Deezer or any other streaming app, this super sleek speaker unit will respond to your voice and skip tracks, repeat them or pause if the phone suddenly rings.

The device also connects wirelessly to other Sonos speakers already in the home, and allows you to add in new ones as you expand your hands-free home sound system through the whole house. Singing in the shower can suddenly take on a whole new life...