1. Orlando Bloom
  2. Jon Bon Jovi
  3. Colin Firth
  4. Will Young
  5. Johnny Depp
  6. Robert Downey Jnr
  7. Bryan McFadden
  8. Viggo Mortensen
  9. Keanu Reeves
  10. Tom Jones
  11. Kiefer Sutherland
  12. Robbie Williams
1. Orlando Bloom

Britain's hottest newcomer, Orlando Bloom, has taken victory in our 2003 Most Attractive Man poll. With 28 per cent of the overall vote, the actor fended off some stiff competition from Jon Bon Jovi, who received 27 per cent. Last year's winner Colin Firth also gave a strong showing, taking third place after winning 8.5 per cent.

It was a fitting end to a phenomenal year for Orlando, as his role opposite Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean confirmed his leading man status. Needless to say, the 27-year-old's newfound stardom will have dramatic implications for his bank balance. But the chisel-jawed actor says that wealth isn't the reason he became an actor. "I don't care much about the money," he says. "Frankly, if I get the chance to kiss someone in a movie, they wouldn't have to pay me at all!"

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