Tennis isn't Camille's only passion - she's also a keen scuba diver
Photo: Sony Ericsson / Jason Bell
Tennis is Frenchwoman Camille Pin's "passion" - but so is scuba diving, which she indulges in at every opportunity. "It was scary and dark but so exciting," she says of a recent exhilarating experience in Mexico. And her fondness for exotic destinations works well with her chosen career. "I love to travel, so I picked the right job," says the tanned and toned 25-year-old.

Raised in Nice, she started playing tennis at the age of five. "I was smaller than the net," she remembers. By the time she was eight she was playing in tournaments and by 17 had left school to turn professional. Now dating a physiotherapist after splitting with her boyfriend of six years, French player Arnaud Clement, she reveals the rigours of training leave little room for a normal life. "When I'm done with tennis, I'm going to make a list of all the things I want to do," she promises.