Product review: Eva Solo Grating Bucket

At last, a kitchen gadget that actually works!

The Eva Solo Grating Bucket is truly one of those “Why didn't I think of that?” products. It's so beautifully simple, sensible and clever. The principle is this: the grater transforms into a bucket with a sealed bottom, so you grate into it and don't have to faff around grating onto a plate or your chopping board.

Any cook will love this, so it would make a fabulous present - and, if you are doing your Christmas shopping seriously early this year, a great stocking filler. So many kitchen gadgets these days focus on things that are unnecessary, leaving you with drawers of culinary bells and whistles you've probably only used once. With this though, you can throw out the old grater - the one with the wobbly sides that's starting to go slightly rusty - and buy one of these.

Admittedly, it doesn't have the potato slicer that many graters have on the sides – but when was the last time you used one of those? It has three different sizes of grating hole, none of which are particularly ideal for zesting, but for everything else, they are pretty much perfect. readers who want to purchase an Eva Solo Grating Bucket, will receive an exclusive ten per cent discount until October 31, 2008. Just enter the code HELLOEVA in the coupon section below.

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