Cyber-cooking hits home

Cooking has gone cyber. Blogs allow home cooks to share their recipes, YouTube has hundreds of thousands of food related entries and cooking networks on sites like Facebook allow users to exchange recipes, tips and techniques.

Food websites are now some of the most frequented on the web. And a desire to become the next celebrity chef has driven millions of floury hands to a keyboard to disseminate their latest culinary creations.

Taking things one step further are cookery computer games. Nintendo's What's Cooking With Jamie Oliver is the latest of the chirpy TV chef’s series of cyber-cooking adventures, in which he reveals how to cook some of his favourite dishes. And if you play it on a handheld device, you can even take him round the supermarket with you, getting instructions on what to buy along the way.

Jamie isn't the only celebrity chef getting computerised. Gordon Ramsay puts cooking fans through a culinary boot camp in Hells Kitchen, currently available for Nintento Wii and due out soon on Xbox360 and Playstation 3. In it the tempestuous Glaswegian scores each meal, dishing out praise, insults, and even shutting down the kitchen if his standards aren't met. As they progress through the game, players are rewarded with access to real recipes from Gordon's own repertoire.

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