Little chef captures US imagination

Five-year-old kitchen whiz has Americans bitten

A culinary sensation in Portland, Oregon, five-year-old Julian Kreusser is may soon be branching out across the rest of America.

Having got hooked on TV cookery shows the youngster decided he wanted to make his own. And with the aid of his producer father, TV librarian mum and his two-year-old sister on lights – plus a stool to help him reach the counter – the little chef is heading for culinary stardom.

His show Big Kitchen With Food, which first broadcast early last year, is now garnering attention from New York-based Food Network, the channel that introduced Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver to US households.

While Julian does all the cooking himself mum is called on occasionally to lend a hand identifying ingredients. She's also made a brief appearance on the show to crush garlic, as Julian wasn't quite strong enough to do it himself.

He has that celebrity chef essential, his own catch phrase - 'Twist it up' – but the traditional cook's banter is sometimes a bit thin on the ground, with the diminutive presenter filling any awkward pauses with a little humming.

"(The show) was created purely out of the spontaneous urge to play with food and video equipment," mum Kristen explains.

And it looks like the play may pay off. In addition to the interest being shown by other networks, a book is also on the way.

Click here to watch young Julian in action.

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