Book Review: 'River Cottage Handbook No 3 - Bread' by Daniel Stevens Like Preserves, the previous book in the River Cottage series, Bread takes an honest, simple approach to a subject which causes many a problem for the home cook. It demystifies in a concise way through strict instructions. “If you skipped bread-making step-by-step, you really need to go back and un-skip it,” orders Daniel in no uncertain terms.

This is essential with a guide like this, though. It works on getting the basics mastered first to ensure you can walk before you start trying to run. So it starts out by introducing a straightforward loaf before embarking into the more exotic terrain of croissants, lardy cake and pumpernickel bread.

Instructions are well-written and illustrated with lots of step-by-step photographs along the way, which is exactly what you need when it comes to something as technical as bread-making.

All in all a great book to add to your collection – and handily sized to slip onto a shelf or into a kitchen drawer when your hands get dirty.

River Cottage Handbook No 3 – Bread by Daniel Stevens, Bloomsbury £14.99

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