Product review: Rosendahl Grand Cru All-Purpose knife


Rosendahl is a Danish design company which manufactures a wide-range of incredibly stylish tableware. Its most recent project moves from table to kitchen with a range of ultra-modern chef's knives.

The uber stylish knives are minimalist, combining echoes of traditional Japanese blades the functionalism of Nordic design. Handles feature a cut-away section along their length which both looks great and also doubles up as extra grip.

While the 14cm version isn't really up to julienning carrots – a job for a larger, weightier blade – it is a good, all-round kitchen knife. Useful for most jobs it's well suited to those who don't like working with large blades and enjoy gear that looks the part in their kitchen.

Rosendahl Grand Cru All-Purpose 14cm knife, £49.95 from good cook shops