Global comp invites ice cream lovers to create new flavour

Ben & Jerry's launches 'Do the world a flavour' search in association with Fairtrade

If you've think you've spotted a gap in the ice cream market, Ben & Jerry's want to hear from you. The company have launched a global competition in conjunction with organisation Fairtrade to find a new flavour.

In a similar vein to the recent Walkers campaign in which the British public created a weird and wacky range of crisp flavours, the public are invited to log onto to the ice cream giants' website and choose from a range of main ingredients, swirls and chunks to concoct the flavour of their dreams.

The winning taste, which will be selected by a panel of experts looking for both creativity and feasibility, will be made into a real ice cream. And its creator will get to lend a hand in the branding and naming of the new product.

In addition the top ice cream talents from each of the twelve countries taking part will travel with the Ben & Jerry's founders to the Dominican Republic to meet cocoa farmers and see exactly what Fairtrade has done for local communities.

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