Top food blogs

A regular taste of who's serving up what online

It's all go in the world of culinary blogs, where loads of fantastic recipes crop up on a regular basis. And the great things is most are being posted by home-cooks who understand we don’t have all day to cook and not everyone has a professional kitchen at their disposal.  

With such a menu of varied online treats available, however, how do you decide where to start? The answer is – here. Each month we’ll be bringing you exciting recipes from different hand-picked sites in a 'taster' of the world's best foodie blogs.    

Our first port of call is Food Stories. One of the top three food blogs in the UK, Food Stories is penned by London-based psychologist Helen Graves. She writes as if you were sharing a chat in her kitchen as she negotiates lamb shanks and pig's trotters. This month read about her entertaining trials and tribulations with an octopus.     

Hollow Legs – something we all wish we had occasionally – comes from half-Chinese, half-English Lizzie, who says she has no specific culinary ethos but is “always hungry”. She posts interestingly titled dishes, such as Pock-marked Mother Chen's bean curd and great takes on classic dishes, for example her pork and shellfish combination.     

Taste Buddies, written by half-Thai Syrie Wongkaew, is our next stop. It features mouth-watering delights all illustrated with her excellent photography, which in the case of her ricotta ravioli with dark chocolate sauce, for example, are an indispensable element. A recent trip to Oregon produced a vegan treat in the form of a cashew cream parfait.

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