Product review: Lakeland Muffin Tin

Bright and bold bakeware is a change from the norm

Lakeland are a brand synonymous with online cookware shopping. The latest addition to new line in bake-ware - joining a bright blue springform tin, a green mini-cupcake pan - is a sunshine yellow muffin tin.

This bright colour scheme make the pans great for getting children involved in the kitchen – they have instant fun appeal. Even for adults, the colours add a little something extra, brightening things up and making a change from the usual dark grey pans.

The yellow muffin tin fared well in testing. It is non-stick and cakes turned out simply without the need to run a knife round the rim. Like many non-stick items it isn't dishwasher proof although cleaning was easy as no cake mixture stuck to the pan itself.

It is oven safe up to 230°C which would make it ideal for individual Yorkshire puddings, although the pan cannot be put directly on the hob which rather rules out the classic way of starting these treats off.

On the downside I can't imagine the pan staying so bright for long. It also has a number of nooks and crannies and some joins between cup and tray that could easily harbour and build up grease.

However, the tin is suitably thick, which is a benefit as a thin tray won't hold any heat and will often result in a burnt cake crust. The funky coloured tin does on the whole function very well and represent good value for money.

Lakeland 6 Cup Muffin Tin, £9.78, available from