A cool chrome addition to your kitchen

hellomagazine.com The All-clad range was originally designed to suit the needs of professional chefs who wanted high quality, heavy duty cookware. They are constructed in three layers comprising two outer layers and a thick aluminium inner core which allows for a more even spread of heat.

Like of their products, the interior of this frying pan is polished stainless steel and as such is stick, stain and corrosion resistant. The outside layer is also steel, meaning the it can be used on induction hobs as well as the standard types (this is true of almost the entire All-clad range).

It does require a little care – the manufacturers recommend hand-washing as opposed to dish-washing, but this is a small price to pay for a lovely piece of kit.

The handles and lid are “stay cool”, not getting too hot when used on the stovetop, although if you do put the entire pan in the oven you’ll need to use a cloth or oven-glove. That being said, the fact you can put the entire pan in the oven is an added bonus. Many similar items these days feature rubber handles which are not suitable for oven-cooking.

The smoothly sloping sides are also great for crepes and omelettes.

Keeping the heat down on the hob is a must with this pan; a very high heat will lead to burning and sticking, whereas a medium heat will give you the results you want and leave you with more control. The pan is a swish shiny, slightly pricey addition to the kitchen and a good choice for anyone who spends a lot of time over a hot stove.

All-clad frying pan, all good cooking shops, £95

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