Tamasin Day Lewis sings for her supper

hellomagazine.com In her latest tome, Supper For A Song, Tamasin Day Lewis has ventured into new territory: that of the budget conscious cook.

The book is not about scrimping, cutting corners or missing out, though. It is full of clever twists and ideas, ways for using up the leftovers from a roast to make meals in the week. It is packed with unctuous comfort food – and plenty of recipes that cry out to be cooked.

Creamy, silky risottos, punchy pasta dishes and slow-cooked stews made from cheaper cuts fill the pages alongside some seriously devilish puddings. A section on chocolate is a welcome addition.

This is food for families, for sharing around the dining table. Click here to read a recipe for braised chicken and rice with orange, saffron and almond and pistachio syrup.

Supper For A Song by Tamasin Day Lewis, published by Quadrille, £19.99

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