Laura Santini shares her easy Italian ideas

In her new book Easy Tasty Italian, Laura Santtini reveals the secrets of umami and other ingredients and shows how the simplest flavour combinations can transform your everyday dinners into sublime dishes with minimum effort.

In the first part of the book, she reveals the secret ingredients of her larder and gives recipes for intense flavour combinations. It's marinades such as red wine, porcini and anchovy, rubs such as pink peppercorn, rose petal and salt, and pastes like parmesan and prosciutto – that give her food sparkle.

She also shows how procedures such as pounding, chopping, slicing and beating yield mouth-watering extras that can be used to transform dishes.

Cooking methods are described under Air, Water, Fire and Earth and, with each one, Laura gives a treasury of delectable recipes. Throughout, suggestions are given for transforming basic recipes – so a carbonara sauce might be uplifted with artichoke and saffron or a smooth vegetable soup might have scorched almonds stirred through.

This is an unusual but incredibly useful and interesting book that comes to life with vivid photography and design.

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Easy Tasty Italian by Laura Santini, published by Quadrille, £20