Ingredient of the week: Kale

Kale, or curly kale, is a wintry friend indeed. It’s earthy, robust nature make a great addition to the warming soups we are all tucking into at the moment.

Tossed with chestnuts and bacon (and a splash of cream if you are feeling naughty) it makes a perfect accompaniment to roast chicken. It takes a little more cooking than spinach although it can be treated in very similar ways.

It is a member of the cabbage family, although more closely related to wild cabbage than the closed-headed domestic varieties. The leafy green has been eaten for over 2,000 years and its popularity before the middle ages was mostly put down to the fact it was fairly resistant to frost.

Kale is highly nutritious, has strong anti-oxidant properties and is thought to be an anti-inflammatory. It is high in beta carotene, vitamins K and C and a host of other goodies including sulforaphane, a chemical scientists believe to have substantial anti-cancer properties.

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