Cutting edge – Victorinox ceramic knife Victorinox are world-renowned as makers of the famous Swiss Army Knife. In recent years they have begun to manufacture knives for the home kitchen and the most recent addition to this is their new range of ceramic knives.

Ceramic knives are different from a standard knife for a number of reasons – the blade remains sharp for much longer than a typical steel edge and also will never affect the flavour of food – something a normal blade can do.

Manufactured from zirconium oxide powder which is compressed at incredibly high pressure, the blade is nearly as hard as diamond. Ceramic material is also very light weight, weighing half as much as a steel blade of similar size and as such is ideal for the home-cook who spends plenty of time chopping and slicing.

The blade is also acid resistant, meaning cutting lemons and limes will not eat away at its edge. In testing it lived up to expectations, capable of all manner of kitchen work although some users might find its light weight somewhat disconcerting.

The blades are beautifully designed, featuring white ceramic blades and ebony handles to provide a real contrast.

The range is available in a 12 and 15cm chef’s knife and a 17cm Santoku knife, starting from £57, available online.

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