Tip top chips for National Chip Week

hellomagazine.com Are chips the pinnacle of cookery? A perfect example is a difficult thing to find and a difficult thing to cook. The ultimate chip must have that perfect crunch to squidge ratio - a crispy outer shell encasing a soft, unctuous aerated filling.

Rather like the roast potato, a good chip is worth celebrating and National Chip Week (15th – 21st February 2010) is the perfect time and excuse (as if we needed one!) to tuck into a big pile of the blighters. 

As with lots of food these days, the health police will warn you to steer clear of chips - but food is about pleasure and few foods hold such pleasure as the simple, honest chip.

Check out these fantastic recipes from the Lovechips website: 

Griddled sirloin steak and chips salad

Chunky chips with fruity chip shop curry
Lemon and parsley chicken with chips
Honey mustard gammon, egg and potato wedges
Pesto cod and chips

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