Go Ayurvedic with Anjum Anand

hellomagazine.com The Nigella of Indian cuisine, Anjum Anand has released a new book based on the super-healthy Ayurvedic diet – the ‘science of life’. Whether you're wanting to lose weight or just looking for a diet that works in conjunction with your body to leave you feeling healthy, you might just find something of interest in Anjum’s Eat Right For Your Body Type.

Anjum discovered this diet during her 20s when she herself was overweight and a serial dieter. She discovered the solution in the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda – the oldest known holistic medical system.

Ayurveda teaches how to maintain health and harmony within our bodies and the system recognises three body types - vata, pitta, kapha. Once you know your type, you can find the diet that best suits you.

In the style she has become famous for, Anjum’s recipes are simple and delicious.

Click here for her recipe for Hearty lentil and herb soup

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