Ingredient of the week: sticky rice recipe

This short grained Asian rice is also known as glutinous rice or sweet rice. Some take this to mean it contains gluten - but fear not, it is simply because it is glue-like, sticking to itself unlike basmati or jasmine. It is grown across Asia, from China to Vietnam. Records go back 1,100 years of its production in Laos.

It must be soaked for several hours before being steamed and is sticky but dry when cooked. For eating, use the hands, serving as a sort of spoon to eat a salad or similar dish with. The flavour is quite subtle but goes wonderfully squidgy in the mouth.

Sticky rice is most commonly seen in the UK as a dessert, when cooked with coconut milk and served with a juicy, ripe mango.

You should be able to find the sweet rice in the ‘world food’ section of larger supermarkets.