Father of fusion takes you on an epicurean adventure

hellomagazine.com Peter Gordon is a chef often known as the father of fusion. It's a culinary style attempted by many and which few succeed at – earning it the nickname of ‘confusion cooking’.

He led a fairly shaded culinary life in a small town in New Zealand until he moved to Australia in his late teens and began his own foodie adventure, discovering a whole new world of food. Following this he travelled extensively in Asia and formed his own distinct culinary style.

In his new book, Fusion: A Culinary Journey, Peter gives away his secrets to the unique approach to food he has. The journey of the title is one across different cuisines, foods, tastes, textures and cooking techniques from around the globe. It’s an interesting insight into how food is constantly evolving – and becoming more and more fusion-focused.

The photographs in the book are vivid and interesting – and partly shot by the author himself on his foodie travels. The book has eighty different recipes to suit all tastes – from the stalwart European traditionalists to those seeking to further their culinary boundaries.

Click here to read Peter’s recipe for grilled wagyu beef on horseradish creamed potato with soy buttered shimeji & pickled enoki mushrooms

Fusion: A Culinary Journey
by Peter Gordon, published by Jacqui Small, RRP £25.00

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