Munch on some Mancunian Malaysian South-East Asian food has been in vogue for quite some time now. It's generally healthy, light, fresh, aromatic and covers a completely different set of flavours to most of the things we are used to.

In Malaysian Food, Norman Musa, nominated Chef of the Year in the Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards 2009, showcases his favourite Malay food in an approachable and accessible way.

Alongside the mouth-watering recipes are anecdotes and stories from Norman’s personal life as well as insights into the hugely varied regional food Malaysia has to offer, with its multicultural influences.

Recipes vary from the traditional favourites taught to Norman by his mother to interesting and quite unusual takes on dishes like the beef korma. The food of Malaysia draws on Chinese, Indian, Thai and Burmese and is shown here in all its unique and fascinating glory.

Click here for Norman’s recipe for beef rendang

Malaysian Food by Norman Musa RRP £19.95, published by Ning Ltd

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