Ingredient of the week: Wild garlic You may have to look further afield to track down wild garlic – but take a guide book or a foraging friend and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find it au naturel. It grows in woodlands, among bluebells – you’ll be able to tell which one it is by its garlicky odour and long leaves.

As opposed to traditional garlic, it is the leaves, not the bulbs, that are prized. These leaves have any number of culinary uses in the domestic kitchen – from soups to salads, both raw and cooked.

Wild garlic, also known as ramsons leaves, makes a great alternative to pesto – simply blitz with olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan and salt and pepper and serve over hot pasta.

This relation to the chive is a favourite of wild boar as well as Masterchef winner 2009, Mat Follas, who named his Dorset restaurant after them.

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