Ingredient of the week: sweetcorn The shops in September are packed with corn – every market stall is laden with the bright, sunshine coloured beauties hidden under their green sleeves and the market traders are virtually giving them away – six for a pound at my local.

They beat the tinned variety by leagues; their sweet flavour is perfect coupled with heat – a fiery chilli butter or stuffed into empanadas with chorizo, thyme, shallots and a good gooey cheese. Alternatively, they make a brilliant salsa for barbecues (yes, we’ve still got a few to come!), perfect with smoky chicken or beef – a million miles away from the gloopy, shop-bought corn relish.

Corn bread made with sweetcorn is also glorious – at Exmouth Market a restaurant called Caravan serves a great rendition with a chipotle butter – more-ish, rich and delicious with little pops from the whole kernels.

A traditional food, corn has a long history in the Americas (including the popping variety) and this month is the perfect time to sink your teeth into these juicy wonders.

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