A mighty meaty read

hellomagazine.com Leith’s cookery school has spawned some of the greatest names in the food world and their books are always as comprehensive as their cookery school courses.

The latest guide, Leith’s Meat Bible, follows on from their other successful guides in bring a thorough guide to cooking meat right down to the absolute basics. It covers classics like shepherd’s pie and liver with onions and has guides to how to bone and truss and more complex creative dishes such as warm pan fried rabbit and black pudding salad with Marsala prunes.

As with all their previous volumes, the recipes have been tried, tested and tried again to ensure they work. This is a brilliant guide for those looking for that helping hand in the kitchen of for perfecting techniques.

It’s also great for giving you the low down on simple recipes that might have slipped through the net and how to cook these to restaurant standard.

Leiths Meat Bible by Max Clark and Susan Spaull, published by Bloomsbury, RRP £40

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