In a stew You may have spotted ‘stewed!’ pots on the shelves of your local supermarket – if you haven’t they’re well worth a try instead of the usual take-away sandwich for lunch – particularly with the cold snap we’re having in October.

All the better though, you can now make them at home with their new cookbook stewed! 80 Irresistible stews and one-pot wonders. Written by founder Alan Rosenthal, the book comprises 80 on pot dishes from around the globe, touching down in the Americas, in the Middle East, in Europe and across Asia.

Recipes vary from classics like Boston baked beans – a heartier version of the on-toast English favourite made with black treacle and muscovado sugar to a spiced duck pot roast with cabbage and grapes and Kashmiri lamb with yogurt.

The recipe is perfect for the weekender in you – letting a pot bubble away on the stove for hours slowly filling the house with warming aromas while you put your feet up and let time do the hard work.

stewed! 80 Irresistible stews and one-pot wonders by Alan Rosenthal published by Ebury RRP £14.99

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