All things Indian

Phaidon, publishers of many a stunning graphic design book, turn their hand to a few stunning cookbooks each year – the latest of which is a beautiful tome entitled simply India.

The book is one of the most thorough, encyclopaedic volumes I’ve come across – to the tune of1,000 recipes that are all easy, simple and perfect for the home cook.

If you’ve ever found that you only have a few curries in your repertoire and they always taste the same (a common gripe with Indian cooking at home) then this is an ideal place to begin an Asian odyssey.

The traditional recipes cover everything from chutneys and breads through vegetables with weighty focuses on each to meat and fish dishes, snacks and desserts.

An enthralling Indian read – and one we’ll be putting on our Christmas wish-list. And it comes in a quirky, fun Indian-style canvas bag!

India by Pushpesh Pant published by Phaidon, RRP £29.95