Dreaming of an orange Christmas

Heston’s hidden orange pudding flies off shelves around the UK


Heston Blumenthal’s crazy cooking has captured the imaginations of people around the world. He recently turned his hand to creating dishes that we could buy in our supermarkets to try out at home.

These featured his trademark quirky food pairings – vanilla with mayonnaise for example which the foodie punters tried out with fascinated trepidation.

His latest offering for supermarket chain Waitrose sees a surprise landing on your post-turkey Christmas table. It might appear to be a traditional steamed pud, but cutting Heston’s latest creation open reveals an entire candied orange inside. The orange infuses the fruit and nuts with its essential oils.

If you want to try the pudding, head down to your local Waitrose as soon as possible – the chain say they are virtually out of stock and the pudding is no longer available on their website!

What we’d like to know though is if any of our culinary wizard readers could knock up a wonder-pud all of their own?