The perfect foil

There are still occasions when a new product pops up in the food industry that makes you wonder how nobody thought of it before.

The new parchment-lined foil from Lakeland is just that; it is what it says it is, a sheet that is lined one side with foil and one side with baking parchment.

Meaning that you can scrunch it up, push it into a corner, create simple parcels, wrap it around things and still get the non-stick benefits of baking parchment. It’s infinitely easier to line a tin for a cake with foil than it is with baking paper, but foil sticks to everything (as we all know when we’ve made the mistake of trying to bake a cake with tin foil!).

So the parchment-lined foil really does kill two birds with one stone. They describe it as a cooking revolution – and given the product’s innovation, they aren’t wrong.

Parchment-lined foil available from, £3.99