French fancy

Michel Roux Jr is probably a more familiar household name these days than Albert or Michel Sr due to his tv career on programmes such as Masterchef. He, however, learnt his craft from his father and uncle, two celebrated restaurateurs, chefs and authors whose classic French Country Cooking has just been re-released.

The book is perfect for the Francophile chef – divided into 12 distinct culinary areas, the brothers showcase the finest each region has to offer and the local specialities. The book is rather encyclopaedic in its thorough examination of the areas, listing their most used ingredients both in French and English – meaning that the book might find its way into your suitcase if you’re heading across the Channel.

The recipes from the Michelin-starred duo are approachable, classic dishes that will slot comfortably into your repertoire – meals for family, for friends, for weeknight suppers or long weekend lunches.

French Country Cooking by The Roux Brothers, published by Quadrille, £25