Breakfast of champions

Farmhouse Breakfast Week (23-29th January) kicked off this week with the aim of getting people to celebrate and enjoy the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast is fundamental to getting your day started in the right way – an early energy booster that will carry you through to lunch (or at least to elevenses!), but is often overlooked. Bizarre, really, when you consider that most of us relish the idea of a hotel breakfast – pancakes with maple syrup and yogurt, French toast with warm bananas, poached eggs and bacon – or even a croissant and a coffee in a cafe.

Cooking, whizzing, blitzing or toasting something at home means you get to control exactly what goes into your breakfast and you can make it as healthy, frugal or luxurious and OTT as you like. Nothing makes a Monday morning less gloomy than a delicious plate of scrambled eggs on toast, made with a dash of cream for a touch of very necessary luxury.

We’ve teamed up with Farmhouse Breakfast Week to bring you some delicious ideas to start your day with a number of gorgeous breakfast recipes. Click the links below to kickstart your day.

Banana and peanut muffins
Marmalade glazes baps
Hot chocolate and raspberry shakes
Cinnamon bagels with oat and fruit compote