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Chez Bruce

Chez Bruce

Bruce’s Cookbook is the first and much-awaited book from Michelin-starred chef and award winning restaurateur Bruce Poole whose restaurant, Chez Bruce, has led him to be one of the UK’s most respected chefs. The restaurant itself has sat as London’s favourite restaurant in the Harden’s Restaurant Guide for six years running.

In his first cookbook, Bruce’s Cookbook, the chef has translated his down to earth, honest, creative cooking into recipes for the homecook, free from the trappings of cheffy gimmicks or ego that sometimes falls onto the plate along with the food. This is classic cooking at its purest from a chef who has spent his time in the kitchen, not the limelight. Recipes vary from braises to sautes, salads to sauces, perfectly stylish, simple and elegant but packed with those deep flavours we associate with French cookery. Click here for Bruce's recipe for roast chickenBruce’s Cookbook by Bruce Poole, published by Collins, RRP £25

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