Full of beans


In culinary terms the word ‘vegetarian’ instantly fillls many chefs and homecooks with dread – and most people who are vegetarians often end up with the same old stuffed pepper or goat’s cheese salad or tart.

Alice Hart, in her latest book Vegetarian, has breathed new, exciting, multi-cultural life into the dietary regime. Drawing on her repertoire of English, European and with a particular slant towards South-East Asian food, she has created a book that will thrill both vegetarians and omnivores alike.

The book is broken down into approachable, interesting chapters – small bites, big salads and fast to name a few – all engaging and also designed with the modern eater in mind. And with chapters like big salads we aren’t just limited to a few tasty treats for the summer months – winter salads packed with carrots, walnuts, prunes and spelt also serve to whet the appetite for colder times.

Photography is luscious, warm and rich – flicking through the book is a mouth-watering pleasure – golden poached eggs luxuriously spill out over potato cakes; braised, buttered chestnuts with Jerusalem artichokes look like the ultimate in comfort food. Vegetarian is a treat for veggies but also should serve as an inspiration for the meat-eating masses.

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Vegetarian by Alice Hart, published by Murdoch Books RRP £14.99