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In search of perfection

In search of perfection

Frequently a budding chef friend will tell you they’ve found the perfect recipe for this or that – and even more often are the chefs you watch on tv announcing the very same thing. But quite how far have they gone in search of this perfection? Not quite as far as Felicity Cloake.


Following her incredibly successful Guardian column,

How to cook the perfect...

Felicity has written an entire book dedicated to the search for the best recipes for our most loved dishes.


sees her continue in her quest, tracking down all manner of different recipes, cooking them, testing them on her guinea pig flatmates and whittling them down in various combinations to create a grande finale. Not only is the book packed with recipes but also solves all those foodie questions we all want the answers to – does washing mushrooms turn them soggy? Should I put a glass of milk in my Bolognese? Is there a fool-proof way to poach an egg? Her sources are far and wide and amongst our most-loved food authors – from Elizabeth David to Nigel Slater. She’s a passionate chef and in Perfect she has created a classic – a new kitchen companion to keep by your stove at all times. And another copy by the bed – perfect for a late night quick dip.

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