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Kitchen tip: infuse your booze

Kitchen tip: infuse your booze

You’ve probably sampled a flavoured vodka or spirit at a bar in a fancy cocktail. They’re doing the rounds – a key ingredient for mixologists all over the world.


They’re made either as a hot or cold infusion. You can add whatever you like to vodka (within reason!) and leave in the fridge for several weeks to infuse the flavour. You’ll get a subtle, delicate tipple. If you want to go bold, though, a hot infusion will kick your flavour up a notch. At the fabulous Heavy Petal supper club, Steph and Henrietta prepare an infusion with edible lavender using what is fast becoming a useful piece of cooking kit – the dishwasher. The lavender is added to the bottle which is then sealed and the dishwasher run on its standard setting. Leave the booze to cool down and add to cocktails – a heady cocoa and lavender number sounds just the ticket. You can, as it goes, totally bend reason – we’ve read about bacon-infused bourbon and seen wild spice and chilli infused rum in the Caribbean. Let your imagination run wild. Horseradish and celery seed infused vodka in a Bloody Mary perhaps? Or green cardamom infused vodka in a Chai-style cocktail?

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