Molecular spectacular
Heston works kitchen magic, no question. He’s got a lab, he’s got chemists, he’s got professors – he’s got it all. He’s done his time – he’s read Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking cover to cover umpteen times (a must read for those fascinated with the technical side of cooking). He’s pioneered, crossed borders, understood, dug deep, done his time. He, alongside Ferran Adria of El Bulli, were the masters, innovators and the creators of so-called molecular gastronomy.

Sure – we’ve been doing it for years really – bicarb in cakes and pancakes, brining, pickling, making sherbert – even using old oil for frying and realising it tasted better (up to a point – then it turns rancid) – but we’ve not understood it. And now, with a little bit of a helping hand from Lakeland, you can begin this gastronomic journey at home.

The R-Evolution kits are just silly amounts of fun – from spherification agents (so you can turn a liquid into little balls that pop in your mouth) to seaweed based thickeners like agar-agar and the ingredients you need to make stabilise foams, this kit contains just enough to start you off. This is a great basic kit to start playing around with before you venture out into the realms of the wonderful, creative world that is molecular gastronomy.

And if you like drinks too they do a Cocktail Kit too.

R-Evolution Cuisine Kit from, RRP £44.99