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Pancakes - a worldwide phenomena

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Ok - so we only really remember pancakes on pancake day each year and then we always say "why do we not cook these more often?"The great thing about the pancake is variety - you can have them savoury, sweet - for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Take inspiration from the rest of the world: ban xeo from Vietnam - a light as anything crispy coconut milk pancake made with rice flour and packed with prawns, pork or chicken, beansprouts and spring onions, eaten torn up and stuffed in lettuce leaves with mint and coriander leaves before being dipped into nuoc cham, the sweet, hot chilli dip.Or take the familiar American-style ones, fluffy and deep pancakes studded with blueberries or served with that quirky but tasty combo of bacon and maple syrup. The buckwheat galette from Brittany is toasty and nutty - and rich and indulgent, stuffed as it is often as a 'complet' with mushrooms, ham, cheese and an egg.Last but not least - the style found in Thailand must feature as one of the tastiest - more roti than pancake, fried in coconut oil and stuffed with diced banana. This ultra indulgent treat can then be topped either with Nutella or - wait for it - condensed milk.Click below to read the recipes for four delicious pancakes from with lemon curd ice creamHam hock, duck egg and Gruyere spelt galettesSpelt and buttermilk baby pancakes with poached dried fruits, Greek yogurt and honeyBan Xeo

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