Carrie's cupcake inspiration for the Diamond Jubilee

Do you remember when Carrie and Miranda chatted over a cupcake in an episode of Sex and the City?

Well I do. Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker was discussing with Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), her crush on Aidan as they tucked into the most delicious-looking cupcakes ever.

I've actually been to the bakery and eaten one of the cupcakes and it was everything I had hoped for and more. 

The combination of sweet icing and fluffy sponge in an irresistibly cute package is the perfect mouthful or two of pure indulgence.

That scene took place fifteen years ago, and kicked off the cupcake craze that today seems unstoppable. 


With a long weekend ahead of fun, food and drink, we have the perfect sweet treat for you, irresistible and sure to impress: cupcakes!

Get baking, get the kids involved, and enjoy the gorgeous delights afterwards.

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Report: Miriam Foley, Lifestyle Editor