Get your BBQ sizzling this summer

There's nothing like cooking over hot coals – the flavours, the smoke, the sun, the anticipation as you can smell the barby at work and hear the sizzle of the sausages.

One of the best bits of summer is a fun barbecue with friends and family. So we have rustled up top tips to get yours smoking.


1. The hot hand

A good guide to grill temperatures is the hand test. Hold your hand around 6" from the grill; if you can only keep it there for around a minute, the temperature is too hot, 2 - 3 minutes is high and an ideal searing heat.

2. A good marinade 

Marinated food tastes great and grills better, as it helps protect food against high grill temperatures. The longer the better, but a simple tip to cut marinating time is to place food in a sealed plastic bag, massage in marinade and pop in the fridge. This cuts marinating time by half.

3. Cook your food slow and low

Cook everything on low after you get the grill going. Putting the heat too high you risk burning the meat on the outside and leaving it undercooked on the inside. If you worry about cooking the meat thoroughly, such as chicken, pop it into the oven first before grilling it on the barbecue.

4. The secret weapon: milk

Mixing milk with the beef makes burgers taste better. They don't go as hard, and they don't shrink nearly as much. A few cloves of garlic and a couple slices of pears mixed into the beef makes it taste pretty good as well.

5. A little extra something

For something a little different, and to complement all the juicy meat on the barby, try cutting thick chunks of halloumi, grilling it, and adding a squeeze of lemon when you serve. If you like halloumi we're sure that you will love it.